Agile vs. Oracle

Jennifer Pahlka of Code for America says, having spent the last seven years talking with cities, counties, states, and federal agencies about their use of technology, and I have yet to meet a happy Oracle customer. I have met Oracle customers who have explained to me with complete conviction that there simply are no alternatives to Oracle. post

Oracle’s success depends not on having a great product their customers love, but on their government clients having little to no technology background, and little ammunition against their aggressive negotiation.

The government tech world is changing for the better. Clearly, Oracle has made their choice about how to react. As Mike says on TechDirt “This is an old, legacy company trying to cling desperately to old, obsolete, legacy ways.” This is the wrong choice, and while not dismissing the power this company has in the market and their ability to hold on, this choice will cost them their position. In the long run, they will lose. post