Creative History of Wiki

I wrote these notes as the camera crew was setting up. There are so many versions of the story only under that pressure could I find a fresh angle. post

- first wiki here in portland - programmed almost overnight - why it was me that made it - engineer working with smart people - how they make decisions - how they change their ways - 1980's a time of change, personal computers - programming stopped being all about mathematics - trouble is most anything can be made to work - we found new ways to work in a team, trust strangers - wiki was born as a miniature version - first wiki was for programmers - they knew me and trusted me - they followed my lead, and I edited - this was an activist wiki, we changed the world - the community defined our vocabulary - we learn how to talk with it - we were five years in when the encyclopedia tried wiki - five more years before they were taken seriously - I'm pleased with that rate of acceptance - I'm working on a new wiki today - I'm not worried that folks don't understand it - I have 15 more years for them to catch on

I had talked for 45 minutes when I first met the creative crew. I was told this time to go for 7-10 minutes. I finished in 5. The director got me to elaborate on specific messages: Tell me about a moment. That sort of thing. I'm guessing those additions will edit into a slick 10 minutes.