Cycling's Special Relativity

We introduce the concept of relativity for comparing positions along gps tracts and then suggest a special enhancement that would make for a much safer performance app for bicycle commuters.

There sure are a lot of cycling apps. I've used stava but lost interest after a few weeks. I was looking again because I'm looking for some personal motivation to make my daily commute more interesting and my current cycle computer isn't providing it.

Moving map shows current and previous me and upcoming cross street where restarts have happened before.

None of these Cycling Weekly best 17 apps looks like what I want either. post

Here I invent a mechanism I'll call "special relativity". I'll describe its special nature in the context of a simple cycling geo-timer app.

The app will compare my position along my commute to positions I've reached on previous commutes. A simple display shows which ghosts of past rides are ahead of me and which are behind. It would be like watching a peloton made up of previous me.

I've been trying to do this using current cycle computer using average time and resetting at various familiar points. This is bad news in that it really encourages running yellow lights.

So the special bit: position must be computed relative to a start time AND that start time must reset when I stop for a light. When I leave my house I'm riding with previous me that have left from the same house. When I stop for a light, I'm then riding with previous me that have also stopped for the same light.

Sounds not much more complicated than a stop watch app with a lap memory except that the display is projected into relevant geographic space-time.