Forsyth Criteria

Pete Forsyth identifies seven capabilities that provide for individual agency in collaborative writing speaking at the Future of Text conference in 2015. site

YOUTUBE EuoluxGxsbM Published on Dec 22, 2015

Pete's seven capabilities are well supported by the mediawiki software hosting Wikipedia. pdf

- perceive __that__ something has changed - perceive __what__ changed - perceive __who__ changed it - perceive __why__ the person wanted to make the change

- __address__ the person who changed it - __undo__ the changes of others - __create__ changes of one’s own

I've separated the capabilities into mechanisms of observation and those of action, the environment facing parts of the OODA loop. wikipedia

We can examine the support this wiki provides for each point, document the features and their expected workflow, and smooth the interaction model on all platforms for reader/authors so engaged.