Four Ways We Say

I'll write an idea four times before I'm done. Each time brings focus to my thought and offer clues to further readers as to when they should continue.

I write the title enclosed in brackets to become a link from one context to another. I make this short and sometimes fun. I leave lots of room for discovery.

I write a few words of explanation beyond the title that connect the link to the context I will be leaving. I abandon grammar if need be to make this one line.

I write the first paragraph, the synopsis, which starts as a writing plan, and will be revisited as a summary when I am done. I may need two pages if I can't make this concrete.

I write more to complete the challenge I have made for myself. I might copy from others what I plan to remember or compose from my own memory or reason.

Now my page done as much as any page in wiki is ever done. I will return many times as I wander through my own work. Does the page continue to say what I now think it should? Often yes, but with connections missing. I look these up and pile them near the end.

See Writer's Burden for our expectations.

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See Short History of Story that begins with lists.