James Williams

The 35-year-old doctoral candidate researching design ethics at Oxford University, has been announced as the inaugural winner of the $100,000 Nine Dots Prize. post

James Williams

His entry Stand Out of Our Light: Freedom and Persuasion in the Attention Economy argues that digital technologies are making all forms of politics worth having impossible as they privilege our impulses over our intentions and are ‘designed to exploit our psychological vulnerabilities in order to direct us toward goals that may or may not align with our own’. He covers:

How the ‘distractions’ produced by digital technologies are much more profound than minor ‘annoyances’

How so-called ‘persuasive’ design is undermining the human will and ‘militating against the possibility of all forms of self-determination’

How beginning to ‘assert and defend our freedom of attention’ is an urgent moral and political task


See Fogg of War for more about persuasive technology and Time Well Spent.