Laser Socks

Laser Socks is a game about jumping around and shooting a laser pointer at an opponent's feet. It was fun, ridiculous, and simple to make. In some ways, Laser Socks became one of the highlight demonstrations of what could be done if there was a medium of expression that integrated dynamic computational elements into the physical world. post

YOUTUBE DM4r8fR_Q1o Published on Sep 13, 2017.

In January 2016 we had a lab anniversary party. We invited around 200 people into our lab space and had several demonstrations around the room all running on the Hypercard in the World system, including Laser Socks, which turned out to be a great party game. In contrast to virtual reality or augmented reality systems, these demos were naturally integrated into the party atmosphere.

In the video, we can see improvisation in action — Bret "cheats" after he's technically lost by throwing a sock on Michael's game pad. Using that idea as inspiration, I can imagine a game mode where spectators are allowed to throw socks on either game area as an added challenge. This idea could be tried immediately, no code needed.