Plural Identity

Can psychology help solve long-running conflicts? David Edmonds has been exploring some of their ideas for BBC Radio 4's Analysis programme. bbc Analysis. BBC. Monday November 9, 2015.

Self-criticism. Public admission disrupts the idea of monolithic blocs, the idea that the other group is overwhelmingly dominated by a single identity, a single value system, a single political objective. site

Fairness. Imagine you're told you cannot do something that everyone else can do. What would you do? Would you relent or would you stand your ground? site

Sacred-Values. When things are sacred, if you try to trade them off, not only doesn't it work but it backfires. Suppose I offered you money for your child. You might think I'm crazy. If I insisted, you might get angry. site

Contact theory. The idea that you can reduce prejudice by members of different groups by bringing them together under positive conditions. site

These are no panacea for settling conflict, but they do offer a greater insight into what motivates enmity, and so how it might be diminished and overcome.


In wiki we ask that authors create a fresh site and redefine themselves in each protracted conversation. Perhaps these practices could form the basis of federation wide norms guiding these redefinitions.