Read like a Wikipedian

Do some homework before reading anything on the net. Mike Caulfield explains why.

YOUTUBE ab8dU_k8rmk Published on Apr 3, 2017.

See also, Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers: an unabashedly practical guide for the student fact-checker. It supplements generic information literacy with the specific web-based techniques that can get you closer to the truth on the web more quickly. site


I should mention that I have not read the book myself, but I have read the table of contents, and read around in this area for a few years, and know Mike personally, and have found everything he says to check out. So, yeah, read it.

Ok, I've read the book. It's great, as expected.

Full disclosure, I'm mentioned in the forward. I'm proud of that but it is not what I liked most about the book. After lots of good advice I liked it closing with the definition of a fact. It's more (or less) than you might think.

Contrast Caulfield's "moves" with my own speculative design principle, Authority from Trail Climbing.