Twice the Effort

Big companies have been trying to get on the Agile Bandwagon. With a charitable outlook, we can see this as a desire to get the benefits of “Agility”, which include Jeff Sutherland’s famous Twice the Work in Half the Time. Who wouldn’t want to have people doing more work? I wish he had said twice the value. post

There are only about 100,000 Certified Scrum Product Owners, which is less than 25 percent of what the numbers would say there should be. There are less than 6000 Certified Scrum Professionals, which leaves about a half a million Certified Scrum non-Professionals. And there are less than five thousand Certified Scrum Developers. We can see that the odds are less than one in a hundred that a given CSM has even one certified developer on her Dev Team.

Unfortunately, the corporate focus produces revenue, visibility, and members now. No results to speak of, but the numbers will look good. I got into this to help people. I didn’t get into it to get good numbers.