I saw the closing matinee of UniSon last week. It was, as you told me, fabulous. What you didn't tell me is that I would want to see it again, immediately. But no, that can't happen now. osf

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This high-energy, multimedia, music-filled theatrical experience explores the poetry of master playwright August Wilson in a one-of-a-kind production by UNIVERSES, one of the nation’s leading ensembles.

Granted access to Wilson’s poetry catalogue, UNIVERSES blends it into a mythically modern story of a dying poet who leaves a mysterious box to his apprentice…with strict instructions to destroy it. Curious, the apprentice opens it, releasing terrors that tormented the master through his life.

This world premiere fuses poetry, theatre, dance, and music to explore the reconstruction of collective memory, bringing Wilson’s words to a new century and a new generation.