Walk And Talks

The format is one in which people gather, and someone presents a theme, topic or conversation piece. The audience then pairs off in two's or three's, and instead of everyone sitting and discussing things around a table or in a conference setting, people are encouraged to walk, and talk while walking somewhere.

WalkyTalky maybe?

The objective is not so much to see places of interest, but to create a different and freer form of conversation. The act of walking changes the nature of the conversation.

Walking gives people the space, and a more or less defined time within which to get to know their conversation partner(s) and discuss the topic in a more relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes you don't need to say anything - you just walk and let your mind wander.

# Coming Together

Walking can be punctuated by coming together at a central location, sharing the discussion, or food / coffee, before setting off on the next stage of the walk.

This creates a natural dynamic of conversation akin to breathing, with free flowing non-pressured conversation interspersed with punctuated events of more intense sharing and discussion during which the conversations can be recorded or broadcast (if they are designed to be part of a publication).

# Final Event

As conversations spread out and travel through the area, it is reassuring to close the event with a coming together and sense of resolution. A closing event is called for.

How this is staged and organised is up to the context of the local event. In general this event is a more conventional event, during which some or all of the themes and conversations that have taken part during the day are presented or published. It could be a comedy event, a book launch, and art opening or a concert.