Corbet’s Couloir

Cloud computing reminds me of a heavy snow at Jackson Hole. The prospects delight those who can rise to exploit extreme circumstances. Others watch in awe. video

I learned to ski tagging along with experts to this skier's mecca in Wyoming. The couloir defines expert. It can be an easy jump so long as you land with your skis pointing down and can turn at the speeds you will have attained. Standing at the lip and talking about it doesn't help. This I know second hand having never jumped.

Extreme programming takes its name from extreme sports. The name fits but the practices are from an earlier age. They're not wrong, but today's opportunity for programming requires us to be even more extreme.

Easy Programming as a worldview that can make the transition to today's complex environment.

Twice the Effort where Ron does the numbers on scrum in the corporate environment.

Operational Cognizance describes the situational awareness required to perform in the extreme.

Leben is Life for Germans who are lucky to have a word for that which extends our being.