Expression Perfected

As I refer you to my previous comments I take the time to double check that I said there what I meant to say and that I still find that the expression represents me.

I am a complicated person and hold many thoughts. I am challenged by the conventions of public discourse to speak of what I think effectively. I have thus molded my computer such that I might seek perfection in what I say.

I write now in hypertext where small thoughts are titled and revisited by reference so as to reinforce larger ideas. I write in public where a community improves on my work and gives me purpose to think harder and write more.

I write to be read quickly and reread often. I reread my own writing frequently and appreciate the brevity. But in brevity one risks ambiguity and this shows when I send readers back to earlier thoughts. Sometimes my own words jar when read in a new context. Sometimes I have contradicted myself so writing stops until this is resolved. More often a careless choice of words now shows through when reread and can be easily fixed as my thinking has become clearer and deeper. I edit and continue.

A few of my pages have grown over time this way and now represent public property in my community. I'm thinking of Writing with Strangers as an example.

Now I wonder, how would my life have been different had I been expressing myself with this eventual precision over all that I have lived and learned?

My greatest hope is that some youth will have the opportunity to use this process for their whole life and that something I have thought and written becomes a small part of their whole.


See Forsyth Criteria for revision.