2018 Journal

We write here about what we've been reading and the ideas that spawn from that. Dot line marks end quote.

See 2017 Journal for my previous writing.


Correlation Consumption reverses time's arrow.

Why Anthropomorphize the computer?

CPU Vulnerability has chip makers in the news.

You Are Not Google so think for yourself.

Doug's Demo at 50 year anniversary.


Your NaN is My Zero which makes sense, maybe.

Wikimedia Research resource for academics.

Light On photographs.

Metal-Organic Sponge desalinates sea water.

Nobel for Cryo-EM displacing crystallography.

Wither the Gray Web as we all learn css.

Algorithmic Entities and the law that protects them.

Chronological Scaling of media's parts and processes.


Demand Better from tech, we should.

Untruth Makes Sense in society as we've made it.

Crypto Mines of East Winatchee take of the Columbia.

Expression Perfected by self reference and revision.


Radical Privacy advocated by Richard Stallman.

How Tech Works with money and programmers.

Automatic Knitting from 3d designs.

Nikon vs Canon over 30 years of innovation.

Javascript Persists having now filled a niche.

Progressive Development with time-tranche investments.

Calculating Machines only possible with supply chain.


Thinkers Mislead as to reality for generations.


Debt Metaphor Explained because so many get it wrong.


Motherboards Hacked by Chinese supplier.