2017 Journal

We write here about what we've been reading and the ideas that spawn from that. Dot line marks end quote.

See 2016 Journal for my previous writing.


Ships Mapped classified and animated.

Candy Diet for non-thinking readers.

Gyroid Graphene for space elevators.

Hard To See your own contribution.

To Be Elastic at amazon's scale.

Beaker Browser built on Dat & IPFS.

Iceland's Abuse and mitigation.

Long-Term Inequality reset by violent redistribution.

Profiling Voters to win elections.


Bitter Ending of a productive collaboration.

Forbes Trusts these publications.

Three Ways We Must Think to understand the world.

Improved Vision with architectural patterns.

Spirit Scientists and how to use them.

Too Stupid to be Wrong about a domain.


Pervitin, etc. fueled Reich aggression.

Secure Automata at all process boundaries.

Freemium Calculations without learning about software.

Mobile Version is harder than we thought.

Collaborative Exploration as a mode of discourse.

Microservices Visualized more complicated than this.

Hospitality Remembered and then recalled.


SIG Humor with a decade of proceedings.

Tools of Change where the message demands artistry.

Read like a Wikipedian for a sound footing before starting.

Jumps Land Safely with known destinations.

Marbled Night of Van Gogh recreated.

Dry Pipeline of talent for public good.

Problems in UI Engineering need continuous attention.

Forbidden Research at the MIT Media Lab

Why Wikipedia Works when others failed.


Mind Meld while pair programming.

Phase-Functioned Character animation synthesis.

Neohabitat Restoration of the original multi-user game.

Temporal Mosaic from a single point of view.

Awesome Equations that changed the world.

Disgust and Envy towards deep learning.

How to Read Mathematics like a novel or a poem.

History, I Guess a modern telling.

That Aaron Swartz was the one I met.

Leak in the Meme Pool looks like trouble for authors.

Where is my Super Collider and unified science with it?

Where is my Flying Car and the data to schedule it?

Ontology v. Stigmergy for organizing work.

Mechanical Reveal from IoT devices

James Williams on manipulation of our attention.


QZ Trusts these data sources.

Wiki as Theatre and only slightly easier.

Twice the Effort not what we intended.

Bob Dylan Lectures about life in stories.

Controlled Illumination with raspberry pi

Need for Fiction as interpretation of life.

Transformation Visualizer as handheld design tool.

Hans Bethe Explains quantum physics.

Blockchain Forecast for all networks everywhere.

Public Molecule Images available with restrictions.

Resonator Capacity Exceeded in asymmetric system.


Social Files used, owned, and shared.

Distributed Truth and the power of common knowledge.

We'll Know in 100 Years how AI will work for all of us.

Constructing Explanations of complex systems

Cycling's Special Relativity measured on daily commute.

Tug Boat Metaphor small and nimble guides mammoths.

Mind the Overlap between design and code.

Ferry Bridge of Castor, Milton.

Developer Security on throw-away laptop.

Self in Code as personal expression.

Right or Wrong of court costs through history.


Manifesto Refuted from google re women.